Olympus Mountain Call

Olympus is promoting the SP-560 Ultra Zoom camera with a TV ad featuring a long distance mountain shot, a piece of simple of humour that can cross language boundaries. A climber makes his way to the top of a snow-clad mountain…

Olympus Mountaineer

Click on the image below to play the Olympus Mountain Call video.


The Olympus Mountain spot was developed at JWT, Sydney, by executive creative directors Jay Benjamin and Andy Dilallo, creatives John Lam, Brendan Donnelly and Guy Futcher, and agency producers Gerri Hamill and Tani Templeton.

Filming was shot by Miki Magasiva via Curious Film, New Zealand, with director of photography Mick Hutchinson, executive producer Matt Noonan, producer Yok Sinclair and editor Luke Haigh.

3D post production was designed at Fin Design & Effects by Masataka Kawano.

Sound was designed by Simon Lister at Nylon Studios, Sydney.

Music was provided by Jeff Wayne Music, London.

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