Any Old Clothes Will Do for Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in South Africa promoted its appeal for used clothing with a series of print advertisements featuring homeless people wearing a bridal gown, a superman costume and an old military uniform. “You wouldn’t be seen dead in them but for a homeless person they could mean the difference between life and death. Please donate your unwanted clothes to the homeless this winter.”

Homeless woman wears bridal gown in Salvation Army print ad

Homeless man wears superman costume in Salvation Army print ad

Homeless man wears old uniform in Salvation Army print ad


The campaign was developed at Lobedu Leo Burnett, Johannesburg, by creative director Vanessa Pearson, art directors Debbie Gyngell, Yvonne Hall, Fiona O Connor, copywriters Stephanus Nel, Angela Collins, production manager Janine Wilson, account executive Nomsa Nkangana.

Photographers were Clive Stewart and Michael Meyersfeld.

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  1. Hi there, (Salvation Army)

    My friends and I saw your Superman picture (any old clothes will do)
    We thought it was a brilliant picture , so much do that it inspired us to write a song about it and then record it.

    We think it’s a good song, that adds to the power of the image you created. We would be really happy for you to have and use it, if you’d like to That is?

    Kindest regards

    Neon Elephant Band

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