Honor Society White Christmas for Salvation Army

Honor Society have lent their support to the Salvation Army Christmas appeal this year with a music video for their cover of “White Christmas”. The four singers, Jason Rosen, Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes and Andrew Lee, invited their fans via Twitter to join them in New York City’s Salvation Army centre in 14th Ave, New York City to promote the red bucket appeal.

Honor Society Bell Ringer

The Honor Society guys do their bit to lend rock star status to the bell ringing street team, interacting with children and adults. The black and white treatment moves into colour with the arrival of the fans on a bus. The $5000 fundraising appeal is online at The Salvation Army.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The foursome write on their Kettle Drive page, “We partnered with the Salvation Army to shoot a special music video for White Christmas and we hope you enjoy it. Please show your support by joining our Kettle Team and donating to the Salvation Army. We truly appreciate it and love you all so much. Here’s to happy, healthy, and fun 2010 with all of you. Your Gentleman, Honor Society.”

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