United Church Doors Are Open

The United Church of Canada has been going the extra mile to make sure anyone feels welcome at their worship services, with a print advertising campaign featuring nudists, an escaped convict and even a member of the Russian ice hockey team. “We’re just glad you could make it. Norval United Church. Our Doors Are Open.” The message, prepared by Emerging Spirit, is designed for people who fear that they may not be accepted. There’s also a subliminal message for judgmental people. “Stay away if you’re afraid of meeting people who do not fit your idea of normal.” The campaign is being run by congregations on a voluntary basis.

Norval United Church nudists

Norval United Church nudists
Norval United Church nudists


Emerging Spirit is an initiative of The United Church of Canada focused on establishing and nurturing a relationship between the United Church and Canadians who don’t attend church, with a focus on those between the ages of 30 and 45.

The Norval campaign was developed at Smith Roberts Creative Communications, Toronto, by creative directors Malcolm Roberts and Brian Smith, art director Jenny Luong, copywriter Omid Amidi, and photographer Tom Feiler.

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  1. Nudist faith communities would be needed when people realise that despite all the advertising, very few local churches really feel comfortable with no dress code.

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